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Additional Drawing Counts

$1.50 each


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SpoolFab has an upfront cost of $370 and comes on a USB flash drive along with a USB security key with an initial 100 drawing counts. You can easily add more drawing counts later. The security key supports multiple users on the same network.

For support call 1-866-432-6540 or email [email protected]

You can add another 100 counts to your key for USD150.00. Larger purchases qualify for reduced pricing as follows:

  • 500 gets a 5% bonus
  • 1000 gets a 10% bonus
  • 2000 gets a 20% bonus
  • 3000 gets a 30% bonus
  • 4000 gets a 40% bonus
  • 5000 gets a 50% bonus

For example, if you order 2000 drawing counts, you will receive 2000 + 20% = 2400 and be billed 2000 x 1.50 = USD 3000.00 Major credit cards are accepted.

To validate your purchase, you will receive a 28-character code which you can paste into Box 1 of the Help > Purchase window in SpoolFab.

How drawing counts are counted:

You can draw without using up any counts provided you don't save the drawing. If you do save a drawing, it costs one count, then you can continue to make unlimited modifications to your drawing and repeatedly resave it for 45 days. After that, you can make limited changes at no charge, but if you add or remove more than four items, one drawing count will be charged. From there you can make unlimited changes for an additional 45 days at no charge. There is no time limit on viewing, printing, or producing output for cutting machines. And there is no cost at all for estimating based on PCF or IDF files. There are extra counts consumed when importing PCF or IDF files to create a drawing.